VIDEO: St. Joseph Foundation Canon Lawyer for Priests & Laity

The October 25th event with Canon Lawyer Philip Gray from St. Joseph Foundation is almost full. See link below to register. Philip Gray does everything he can to work cooperatively with the leadership of the Archdiocese. In other dioceses across the US, he has been able to get 90 parishes to come together under him to approach the Archbishop and come to better solutions. He works pro bono but accepts donations to the St. Joseph Foundation. NOTE: Please ask your priest to watch the video below where Philip Gray was a guest with Fr. Mitch Pacwa on EWTN. The priests can reach out confidentially to the St. Joseph Foundation to learn their Canon Law rights, too.

To Register for the October 25 Event:

To Contact Canon Lawyer Philip Gray directly:

Watch St. Joseph’s Foundation Canon Lawyer Philip Gray on EWTN with Fr. Mitch Pacwa….he starts at 8 minute mark.

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