VIDEO: Contact Catholic Leadership Institute (CLI)

After seeing dozens of cities across the United States that look like spiritual Hiroshima’s after their dioceses implemented Catholic Leadership Institute’s initiatives, it should be clear to all St. Louis Catholics that they should attend their parish’s upcoming “Listening Sessions” and ask hard questions about the results of CLI initiatives in other cities. You will know the fruit by its tree! In Detroit, they have been through 3 rounds of closures under Archbishop Vingeron, they have gone from hundreds of parishes to 50 parishes. For the first time in the Archdiocese of Detroit, this year they have ordained ZERO priests! Below are the letters I have sent to our STL Archdiocesan leadership and CLI to ask for them to share the data they claim they have showing the results of their initiatives across the nation. These were sent over 90 days ago with NO response.

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VIDEO: Happy Feast of St. Nicholas who fought against heresies inside the Church!

Happy Feast Day of St. Nicholas, a bishop who fought against the heresies within the Church. We want to make sure everyone knows about the free event with Canon Lawyer Philip Gray on Saturday, December 1st at 1 pm at Royale Orleans. Come learn your canon law rights as well as get updated on progress made to date with the Procurator Mandate signings happening throughout the Archdiocese. REGISTER HERE>>> PhilipGray.Eventbrite.comMore

VIDEO: Why would you not lead a public rosary at “Mass of Unity” today on First Saturday?

I am praying for Archbishop Rozanski, Bishop Rivituso, and Fr. Chris Martin, as well as for All Things New and that the Holy Spirit will guide it. Only God makes all things new. Not “WE make all things new” as we heard a few times at Mass today. There was a good showing of blue shirts, but why would you not lead us in a Rosary on First Saturday, Archbishop Rozanski and Fr. Chris Martin? Overall, it was a pretty poor showing at the Basilica. We have collected over 1500 signed Procurator Mandates in 3 weeks. Probably 3 times as many as the people who attended the Mass of Unity. More

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