VIDEO: Attack on Spiritual Fatherhood

Spiritual authority is under attack in the deep state and the deep church. There is a clear attack on authority in the world, especially against the family and the head of the family which is the father. But in our church, there is an attack on spiritual fatherhood. Pope St. John Paul II said the final battle will be against the family. What is the family? The domestic church in our homes, and at the next level, the parish family. All Things New is absolutely an attack on canonical pastorship. That’s why they have this concept of “families of parishes.” Satan loves to mock God. Parishes are made up of families, not the other way around! Some aspects of what All Things New is intentionally meant to strike at spiritual authority at its most basic level in the Church, the pastor! The modernists know what they are doing by attacking at the heart of spiritual authority. There are other solutions to the problems in our archdiocese, and pushing back against All Things New does not mean you are a dissident Catholic.

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