VIDEO: Archdiocesan Leadership: How are you using $1 Billion of Church Assets to Save Souls?

St. Louis Archdiocesan Financial Report just came out. When they say they have to close or merge parishes because of finances, just take a look at their most recent 2021 Combined Financial Report for fiscal year that ended June 30, 2021. Read their Summary Report where total assets GREW by $200 MILLION during the year they locked us out of our Churches and denied us the Sacraments, even our loved ones who were dying. Total Assets are up to $1.241 BILLION!! Net Assets are $683.9 MILLION. We have a right to ask what you are doing with those assets? What are you doing to help the mission of the Church to save souls? All the other great works mean nothing if we are not saving souls. I have yet to hear any plan that says that closing 100 parishes suddenly saves more souls, or makes us better at evangelization. Where CLI has run this plan in 12 other dioceses doesn’t seem to have improved the local Churches, but CLI is not sharing data or information, so who really knows.

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