VIDEO: You have every right to defend your pastor, your parish and your school

We firmly believe in all the teachings of the Church, the authority of the Church. We are praying in unity for the leaders of the Archdiocese as well as the Holy Spirit to lead All Things New. But mega churches are not the only alternative. You have every right to defend your parish and school. I ask Archbishop Rozanki, Bishop Rivituso, and Fr. Chris Martin to make the commitment that if they close 1 or 100 parishes, they personally go to each parish and tell the parishioners in person that this was the ONLY thing they could do and that they explored ALL OPTIONS to keep their parish open. In our Q&A sessions throughout the archdiocese, I stand behind what I say and put my name behind it. I hope the Archdiocesan leaders would do the same. If the Archdiocesan leaders say the reason they are doing this is because a priest shortage or vocation problem, they need to PUT IT IN WRITING and SIGN THEIR NAME TO IT. Not one leader has put that in writing under their own signature. There is a reason why they won’t and we should keep asking that question. Pray for them but don’t be bullied into thinking that you cannot defend your pastor, your parish, and your school. There’s a Catholic concept called subsidiarity where the parish family is the most important building block of the Catholic Church.

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  1. jbq2 says:

    Says you (and me). This is all a “shell game” by the new resident in charge. Look at SHF in Affton. I attended Mass there on multiple occasions. The school was closed and the parish folded. The outstanding choir under a dedicated woman director was replaced by three gay guys playing guitar. Rev. Donald Siple, 6 ft 5, was sent back to California. — There was a parish in MA occupied for about 3 years. The archdiocese owns the property and can do with it what it wills. This is a new socialist Church with a gestapo type mentality.

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