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VIDEO: Happy Thanksgiving to all, and St. Clement, pray for us.

We pray for the Church, and we pray for Archbishop Rozanski, Bishop Rivituso, and Fr. Chris Martin. We submit to the authority of the Church. We want to work with the Archdiocesan leaders to help in the evangelization plan for our parishes. Below is an outline of what I say at the meetings. It is not controversial at all. Fr. Chris Martin said on the radio that there are parishes excited about merging, to which I say “great”! Name those parishes, and let’s do a pilot there first. We will help! We will track each parishioner from each parish that is merged and see the results. However, the Laity are telling us that while their “Listening Sessions” for All Things New have been allowed to be held in the Parish Hall or Church Cafeteria, they are not allowed to have their discussions afterwards in those very same church facilities. Fr. Chris Martin could help with these responses that are divisive by publishing a statement (see suggested below).

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VIDEO: At times of greatest trouble, we turn to our Blessed Mother.

First Saturday, December 2nd, is the end of the Liturgical year in the Church. We hope you join us in the First Saturday Devotion. At times of greatest trouble, we turn to our Blessed Mother. At times of greatest trouble in the Church, we turn to our Blessed Mother in the Rosary. We hope this…

VIDEO: “Men do not fear a powerful, hostile army as the powers of Hell fear the name and protection of Mary.” – St. Bonaventure

Archbishop Rozanski’s podcast minute by minute:5:30 – Parish was the center of lives…it was everything…7:30 – 20 years as a parish priest, when asked to be Bishop, told him that was the best experience for a bishop 10:30 – Describes Pope Francis’ “Joy of the Gospel” encyclical …then calls it the MAGNA CARTA of 21st…

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