VIDEO: Short Update about Procurator Mandate Process

Let’s talk about process. Canon Law allows for a procurator and a procurator mandate. There is nothing wrong with the procurator mandate. There is no reason why you can’t ask about it, talk to other parishioners about it, distribute it on church grounds. They may ask you to leave, and this perfectly fine. Document it. Document, document, document it! You have canon law rights in the process. The Vicars are doing all they can to keep lay Catholics from knowing their rights and pressuring pastors to stop you from participating in the process. Our response is to stand up for our rights, but also pray the ROSARY for you – Archbishop Rozanski, Bishop Rivituso, Vicar of Strategic Planning Chris Martin.

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  1. Susan Hurt says:

    Ken Battis, I am from Incarnate Word and will step up as the procurator at this parish if I get enough support from fellow parishioners. So please add me to your list. Also, I would like to know how I can support the effort with Philip Gray, monetarily and non-monetarily. I look forward to a reply. My phone # is 314-648-1332/

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