VIDEO: How does corruption take hold in our Church? By attacking the messengers, instead of dealing with the problem.

How does corruption in our Church take such a great hold? 20 years after the Spotlight investigation in Boston, the same people are in charge protecting some of the very same bishops and cardinals. Church Militant’s reporting is one of the best journalistic reporting based on facts. Let’s stop attacking the messengers and deal with the problem itself. The video below is about a particular investigation in Albany, NY. Important take-aways: Listen to how key a figure Theodore McCarrick is and was. It is not a matter of the past! Theodore McCarrick has NO connection to the Archdiocese of St. Louis yet he is being protected here. It is no longer hidden because he had to reveal his address to a criminal court in Massachusetts. And although he is not connected to the clerical state at all, he is still here in clerical housing paid for in part by the Archdiocese. You and I are paying for Theodore McCarrick today while he still denies allegations that everybody in the entire Church including disgraced former/resigned Cardinal Wuerl and others know are true. Look at that network of bishops that continue to destroy archdioceses across the nation even today. Is this what we want for our Archdiocese?

You can watch the video here ( You do NOT have to be a premium member to watch this…just click on the second image below “sign up for Premium Access” and you can watch the whole video for free):

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