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BONUS Video: Priest SURPLUS or Priest SHORTAGE????

Happy Feast Day of St. Paul, January 25th 2023. One year ago, on January 25, 2022, Archbishop Rozanski sent a letter kicking off All Things New which he had every priest read from the pulpit during Mass (See letter below). Nowhere in the letter does it state that the reason for “the most sweeping changes that the Archdiocese has witnessed in its history” is due to a scarcity of priests or financial problems or demographic changes. I mention those three because Fr. Chris Martin brings up these three when speaking to the media, as do other priests on social media or in one-on-one conversations with their flocks. Another important document is the email that Fr. Ken Brown sent in January 2022. We don’t know the exact date because the folks who shared this with us are afraid of retaliation. The Archdiocese has not denied this email exists. Basically, simultaneously, as Archbishop Rozanski is rolling out All Things New, and Fr. Martin and priests are claiming shortages, Fr. Ken Brown is emailing a notice of a SURPLUS of priests that will be as a result of All Things New.
Fr. Fonseca, pastor of St. Theodore-Flint Hill, spells out for his flock exactly how the All Things New process will work. Does your priest get this level of detail? Does he even know how this will roll out and what will happen to his Canon Law rights as a pastor? You might want to ask him and see what he says.

If you ever wondered who is helping the Archbishop by serving on the Presbyteral Council (priests who are to act as the “conscience” of the Archbishop and help him decide which churches are suppressed/merged/closed) and the College of Consultors (who decide to sell churches once parishes are closed), here is the list:

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People are seeking the truth. We are built for Truth. We all have an internal radar when there is a lack of honesty. When the Archdiocesan leaders refuse to have a dialogue at all about the closures and changes happening now, then you know they don’t want to be up front and honest about their…

VIDEO: Truth, Transparency and Accountability

Our money is going to anti-Catholic groups through the Archdiocese and its Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), and many other ways. Send emails to Fr. Chris Martin at or Marie Kenyon at and ask them to respond specifically to the decade-long investigation into the CCHD and how they continue to support anti-Catholic…

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