VIDEO: Archbishop Rozanski, where, when and how will you publish each “canonical decree” for parish closures/mergers?

Pray for our priests that they will stand up for the truth and for their faithful flocks! Especially regarding the upcoming February 2nd meeting of all priests where the final plan for the Archdiocese will be revealed. The modernist bishops play “hide the ball” about where and when they will file their canonical decrees. Archbishop Rozanski will have to sign a decree for each parish he plans to close or merge. Why not put out exactly how, when and where you will do that in advance? Below is a link to another Missouri Diocese, the Diocese of Jefferson City, who has publicly stated that if and when the Bishop does a decree of any kind, this is where you will see them. Why wouldn’t you be in favor of this type of transparency, Fr. Chris Martin and Archbishop Rozanski? People should ask their pastors why they won’t be that transparent with their flock if they believe what they are doing is right.

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