VIDEO: Peter Kreeft gets it right in so many ways, especially point #4 which echoes All Things New

After dealing with the USCCB for the 30 years whose leaders have decimated the church in so many ways, it is hard to hear them say they are the fire department which is going to come in and put out the fire with plans like All Things New. These plans of merging and closing parishes did not exist until 2002 when the sexual abuse crisis caused many dioceses in the US to face bankruptcy. I would love to be wrong about this. Prove me wrong CLI and Archdiocesan leadership by sharing data and telling us what diocese has used your plans and has awesome results. It is as if they believe the Holy Spirit hid from us the best way to organize dioceses and parishes for more than 2000 years, and now suddenly this big box, mega merger model is the only way in which the Holy Spirit works in a diocese.

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