VIDEO: Dialogue with everybody but your own faithful flock?

Tonight Archbishop Rozanski will attend an Ecumenical Service at St. John Bosco Catholic Church at 7 pm. We support outreach to our brothers and sisters in Christ. But why won’t you meet with us, Archbishop Rozanski? We represent over 2700+ Catholics from all 15 Planning Areas. We also have heard the Archbishop has accepted the Parish’s Procurator for a local parish acknowledging that this is a valid Canon Law process. Additionally, Fr. Chris Martin has sent a letter suggesting that pastors SHOULD NOW ALLOW meetings regarding the Procurator Mandate on Church property. So if you want to have a meeting, ask your Pastor to hold it at the Parish. Ask him to put his response in writing, especially if he says no. If he won’t put it in writing, you send him an email explaining that you (Pastor’s name) told me that we cannot meet on church grounds when I asked to hold a meeting for the Procurator Mandate.

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