BONUS Video: St. Valentine’s Day

At 3 pm tomorrow, Wednesday February 15, let’s all pray for our Archbishop and All Things New!!
St. Valentine was a pastor who wanted to take care of his flock while defending the truth. You can watch a video about him below. We need to defend the truth and what the Church teaches including our Canon law rights. For a year and a half, they said that we were wrong about Canon law. But on their own website they admitted much of what we have been saying (see FAQ below). Also, Archbishop Rozanski himself replied to the individual Procurator for St. Paul parish in St. Paul, which acknowledges the Procurator as canonically valid (see documents below). So don’t listen to any deacon, priest or vicar who says you cannot use parish grounds to talk about Canon law. That is a violation of your Canon law rights as a lay faithful Catholic. Let’s keep praying for our Archdiocese and our leadership.

The following was taken directly from the FAQ section of

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