Video: We will not stop meeting and already represent well over 3000 lay faithful

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  1. jbq2 says:

    On this site, there was a letter from the bulletin of the College Church. It revealed the phasing out of the pastor and his replacement with a woman parish administrator who was responsible to the Jesuit provincial and not the archbishop. It was revealed that there would be a new parish model without a pastor.—-This will be implemented throughout the entire archdiocese. Rozanski was detailed as running off constantly to consult with Cupich in Chicago. It appears that St. Louis is the “green house” for experimentation.—-Rozanski was handed a folder from Carlson. This is not orders from the new archbishop but a well orchestrated agenda. This has to be understood within the context of a radical change starting with Archbishop Burke being “run out of town”. — I have emails from a former chancery official who verified this. I attended Burke’s farewell Mass in 2008 under the tenure of Pope Benedict no less. I will finally state that I witnessed a supernatural event from an alcove in the back of the Basilica as Burke came into the church with his entourage

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