Video: Is Any Change Necessarily Good Change?

Is any change necessarily good change? How about “First Do No Harm”! We really have no idea exactly what a “pastorate” is because it is an unknown. As we heard at a recent event from a fellow Catholic lay person who works in Information Technology world, they would never roll out a project without first testing it on a small batch. If IT projects fail, it only breaks infrastructure. In the Church, if the massive, sweeping changes of All Things New fail, there are thousands of SOULS in the balance! More groups are forming and the laity are recognizing the need to be heard. Check out this “All Things New: Voices of the Laity” Channel on YouTube. Please watch, like, subscribe to support our fellow lay faithful.

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  1. Mary Jo Ulett says:

    Pastors can meet with the Archbishop on Friday. Be prepared with information that proves your parish deserves to remain open.

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