Video: Contact us if you want to attend Parish Procurator strategy meeting with Philip Gray

Philip Gray is coming to St. Louis on March 24 & 25. Philip will speak at one public meeting on Saturday March 25 to update us about the Archdiocesan wide plans. He will also meet with parish procurators to discuss parish specific plans. Please email us at INFO@SOSTLP.ORG with the following if you would like to attend the Parish Procurator Meeting: 1) Parish Procurator Name (or proposed Procurator if not yet voted for a Procurator) and cell phone and email, 2) Parish President Name (or 2nd key person) and cell phone and email, 3) Parish Name, 4) What you want to petition or appeal for your Parish. Talk to your priests. Help them understand what will happen to their canonical rights as a pastor when we reduce down to 88 pastorates.

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