Video: They are using the “Divide and Conquer” strategy against us

During this Lenten season, we are praying for our Archbishop, priests and the entire archdiocese! Christ is still the head of the Catholic Church today. Christ, and only Christ, makes all things new. We are wanting to work with those folks who want to save their parish because they know a parish is what actually helps save souls. They understand the charism of their parish and the impact a local parish has on producing vocations, evangelizing souls, and serving their entire community. There are dozens of parishes that are not giving up or giving into this plan to decimate our Archdiocese.

Below is the link to St. Joseph Canon Law Foundation. Philip Gray does all his work for us in the AD-STL on a “pro bono” basis (free of charge), and we should support his apostolate if we can with a one-time gift, or even better a recurring monthly donation, even if only $5 or $15 per month.

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