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I hope you are praying the Holy Spirit Novena with the Archbishop. Come Holy Spirit!!! Jesse Romero will be at St. Barnabas in O’Fallon on Monday, May 22 and Tuesday, May 23 from 6-8 pm for FREE. We are asking what is the objective criteria for closing churches? What is the canonical authority for doing this? Imagine the assignments our priests are going to get through All Things New: the priest gets assigned to a “pastorate” that has multiple churches and that new priest has to try to figure out how this can work? Pastors must recognize their Canon Law rights and should protect themselves during this All Things New process, just like the laity have been trying to do for themselves.

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  1. Hugh Murray says:

    My sister is a lawyer in Boston and says it doesn’t make any sense to put our Aechdiocese through all this if you don’t have 1) a declining Catholic population, 2) a need for money to pay some claims, or 3) a shortage of priests. She asks “what is the reason.?”

    I think there are 2 possiblities 1) they want to sell some real estate and pump money out of STL to help other dioceses that are bankrupt or 2) they want to drive American Catholics out of the Church so the “global south” can have relatively more say in the overall Church. I got this second idea from reading Doug Murray’s book WAR ON THE WEST where he says there is a coordinated effort to knock the West (mostly whites) down a peg or two, so blacks Hispanics, and orientals can be preferred.

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