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Video: While many of us are grieving our last Mass at our closing parishes, the Archdiocese is hosting “Gun Violence” event with attendees including Abp Rozanski and much of his new “cabinet”… St. Martha, pray for us!!

Archbishop Rozanski and members of his new “cabinet” stayed for most of the Gun Violence event on Saturday, July 29 while many of us are grieving our last Mass at our closing parishes. This event was hosted by the Respect Life Apostolate and many, many religious orders, mostly women religious. No questions were allowed. Police officers were hired to secure the event. Dr. Garza, the SSM Health Czar, had his own private police officer escort him after his talk. Before the lunch, a meal prayer was offered — not by our Archbishop, or his Vicars, or the priests, or the deacons in attendance, but by a lay person who may have been Catholic? Ask Marie Kenyon and Mary Hastings: What have you done to support Pro-Life — specifically standing up against Abortion?

National Right to Life estimates almost 900,000 unborn babes were aborted in 2020, based on research by the Guttmacher Institute. While abortion rates have dropped steadily since the 1990s, abortion is still the leading cause of death in America. With an estimated 886,677 babies dying in abortions and 45,222 dying in gun deaths, abortions are 19.6 times more deadly.

Since Roe v. Wade in 1973, National Right to Life estimates 63,459,781 abortions have been done in America.

These abortions did not destroy “pregnancies” or blobs of tissue or clumps of cells. They destroyed unique, living human beings – unborn babies with their own separate DNA and almost certainly a beating heart. This is basic biology, and even some abortionists admit that abortions kill human beings.

Whether from guns or abortion or another cause, every death marks the end of a unique, valuable human life that can never be replaced. And how much more tragic deaths are when they are preventable.


Subject: Keep Missouri Pro-Life!

Date: Jul 27, 2023 at 3:39 PM

Cardinal Burke & Jim Caviezel, Thursday 7 September in St. Charles.  Details below.

Subject: Keep Missouri Pro-Life!


This year’s  “Keep Missouri Pro-Life” is the most important event in Missouri Right to Life history as we seek to raise the money to defend our constitution.  

A pro-abortion group is seeking to place an initiative petition on the November 2024 Missouri ballot that would enshrine within it an unlimited right to abortion.  If they are successful, as they have been in other states, abortions in Missouri will be allowed for the full nine months of pregnancy on girls of any age without parental consent, with taxpayer money, and absolutely no restrictions.  This initiative wouldn’t even require that abortions be performed by medical personnel.  It will allow abortion access for child abusers, sex traffickers and rapists.    It is the most extreme anti-life measure ever proposed in our nation and would nullify most if not all of the 52 pro-life protections for babies and their mothers that we’ve worked so hard to pass.  

Missouri Right to Life has been preparing for this possibility for over a year as we’ve watched and learned from this battle in other states.   We are working with pro-life groups around the state and with expert national consultants to make sure that unborn children in Missouri continue to be protected.  

Our dinner this year is going to be a blockbuster with keynote speaker Jim Caviezel and Champion of Life Award recipient Cardinal Raymond Burke.  Registrations are pouring in, and we’ve already surpassed the number that attended last year’s dinner.

Please consider  joining us for this event by registering on line at or by using the invitation attached below.  

If you’ve already reserved your tickets, please forward this message to your contacts.

Missouri was the first abortion free state in the country after the overturning of Roe v. Wade in 2022.  We cannot allow our constitution to be sold to the dark money from George Soros.  The Missouri Constitution is not for sale.  Missouri children are not for sale.  

And, as Jim Caviezel says in promoting his excellent movie The Sound of Freedom, “God’s children are not for sale.”  

Please pray for the success of this event and for all of our efforts to keep Missouri pro-life!

God bless!

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