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SURVEY: We need your feedback for our new 2-Question Survey

During All Things New, we were told by Archdiocesan leaders that Vocations / Lack of Priestly Resources were one of three reasons why the most sweeping changes in our 200 year history were necessary.

Now, those same leaders are looking to permanently close the longest running Perpetual Adoration Chapel (28 years) in the Archdiocese which is at St. John Paul II Parish. Parishioners have been informed that there will no longer be Masses and the Adoration Chapel must close.

Is this a good idea? Is this the best plan we can come up with? More than 200 people pray around-the-clock for all the people in the Archdiocese as well as for Vocations!!

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  1. In order for the new world religion to take control, the old (traditional) one must be dissolved step-by-step and drip by drip.

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