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BONUS Video: Fr. Chris Martin recommends “Vulnerability & Accountability” but when has he been either during ALL THINGS NEW?

Neither Archbishop Rozanski nor Vicar Chris Martin nor any leadership from the Archdiocese will speak publicly anywhere where there is accountability. If you really believe in vulnerability and accountability, you tell me where the leadership behind All Things New exhibited that ever! CLI claimed that they had measurable data that their plans increase participation, mass attendance, donations and vocations. We asked for years to see this data. They never answered and then took that statement off their website. Archbishop Emeritus Carlson has the best Episcopal motto: “Before the Cross, there is no defense.”

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VIDEO: Why nothing ever gets put in writing by the Archdiocese of St. Louis

Did the Archdiocese of St. Louis have a written policy about the Covid vaccination? They absolutely did NOT ever put their policy in writing. In the time of the crisis, you would think you would want CLARITY by simply stating your position. St. Cosmas and Damian, patrons of surgeons, doctors and pharmacists, pray for us!

VIDEO: Asking a question is always permissible

Asking a question is always permissible. Dialogue is the answer. Ask our Archdiocesan leaders the tough questions. Their emails are listed below. The new vicars are hiring staff, yet they won’t allow any average lay person to ask questions about what this staff will actually be doing to help evangelize the faith? How can they…

VIDEO: Where is the accompaniment, the dialogue and the synodal process for the laity here in the Archdiocese of St. Louis right now or during the entire All Things New process???

People are seeking the truth. We are built for Truth. We all have an internal radar when there is a lack of honesty. When the Archdiocesan leaders refuse to have a dialogue at all about the closures and changes happening now, then you know they don’t want to be up front and honest about their…

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