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VIDEO: Our Archdiocesan leaders need to give moral clarity instead of moral ambiguity

Our Archdiocesan leaders cannot reconcile what they say about evangelization and pastoral care with what they are actually doing behind the scenes and refusing to talk about it. If our spiritual fathers and shepherds, our bishops and priests, shirk their responsibilities to take care of the parish and the school, there are spiritual consequences which are devastating to the Church.

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VIDEO: At times of greatest trouble, we turn to our Blessed Mother.

First Saturday, December 2nd, is the end of the Liturgical year in the Church. We hope you join us in the First Saturday Devotion. At times of greatest trouble, we turn to our Blessed Mother. At times of greatest trouble in the Church, we turn to our Blessed Mother in the Rosary. We hope this…

VIDEO: “Men do not fear a powerful, hostile army as the powers of Hell fear the name and protection of Mary.” – St. Bonaventure

Archbishop Rozanski’s podcast minute by minute:5:30 – Parish was the center of lives…it was everything…7:30 – 20 years as a parish priest, when asked to be Bishop, told him that was the best experience for a bishop 10:30 – Describes Pope Francis’ “Joy of the Gospel” encyclical …then calls it the MAGNA CARTA of 21st…

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