VIDEO: Is 1% a Lot of Listening?

We heard from the Archdiocese that there was going to be a lot of listening sessions with “All Things New”. So far, there have been NONE. And only 5 weeks of listening sessions are scheduled for 178 Parishes, with facilitators overseeing them all. (See document below for more details about the Facilitators.) The Archbishop, Bishop and Vicar of Strategic Planning will only be able to attend very few or none. And the listening sessions are slotted at the END of the planning, so this feedback will most likely not be considered at all.
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VIDEO: What exactly is “Families of Parishes” and why should we care?

The “Families of Parishes” concept which has been introduced in the last 10-15 years in other dioceses across the United States who have needed cash to pay for their sexual abuse crises has no basis in Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, or any Catholic teaching. And guess what? They didn’t even work!
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VIDEO: Join Us

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VIDEO: Get the Facts, Do Your Research

As with anything today, you must do your own research to get the truth. All Things New is no different. You need to read many sources to get to an understanding of what is really going on here.
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VIDEO: 30 Years of Experience Dealing with Bishops Gives Insight into “All Things New”

After dealing with the Catholic Bishops for over 30 years, Ken Battis is in the unique position of having insight into how past abuses of power are playing into the plans for the Archdiocese of St. Louis.

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11 responses to “VIDEO: 30 Years of Experience Dealing with Bishops Gives Insight into “All Things New””

  1. Laura Avatar

    Thank you Ken

    1. Darlene Malpocker Avatar

      Thanks for your leadership Ken! This cradle Catholic is behind you 100%

    2. Stephanie Russo Avatar

      Thank you, Ken. We’re keeping you in prayer, too. Stand your ground,…
      Fiat! Fiat! Fiat!

  2. Kathy Pavloff Avatar

    Prayers for you Ken! Thank you!!

  3. […] VIDEO: 30 Years of Experience Dealing with Bishops Gives Insight into “All Things New&#82… […]

  4. Raymond Stephens Avatar

    Why do we need Consutants? Information about problems in the Church are well known to most of us for a long time.
    Let’s do what needs to be done then we can change the name from “All Things New” to “all Things True”:
    Thanks Ken

    1. above Avatar

      Thank you Ken. I agree wholeheartedly that it is a wrong move to trust outsiders, not necessarily believers,as we did in the treatment of fallen priests. When priests were found out they were sent to psychiatry for healing instead of going to God for the answers.

  5. Deacon Avatar

    Thank you Ken. Well-timed!
    –A Deacon of the Archdiocese

  6. Robert P Dotta Avatar

    Thank you for trying to shine a light on the “inner workings” of the process. If any organization on this earth should be open and transparent it the should be the church.

    1. gracespark Avatar

      Yes, I couldn’t agree more!

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VIDEO: Pray, Hope & Don’t Worry

We cannot lose hope. God is in charge. We need to continue to pray for all people of the Archdiocese of St. Louis. The Battle of Lepanto (October 7, 1571) is a great example of prayer changing the outcome of a dire situation for Christendom. Since October 7th is the day before the “Listening” Sessions (or as the laity calls it “Telling Sessions”), let’s ramp up our prayers and ask God for His protection and help! Also, it is perfectly appropriate to ask at the “Telling Sessions” questions like how many souls are okay to leave behind? Will you give us an accounting to the penny of every church you close in this process? Anyone who is willing to be a facilitator for these sessions, must believe that All Things New is a good program, and should be willing to answer hard questions about it.More

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“In her voyage across the ocean of this world, the Church is like a great ship being pounded by the waves of life’s different stresses. Our duty is not to abandon ship but to keep her on course.” – St. BonifaceMore

VIDEO: Canon Lawyer Event Almost Full

The Canon Lawyer Event on October 25th is almost full. We are so thankful for the many, many people involved in bringing Canon Lawyer Philip Gray with the St. Joseph Foundation to St. Louis. We already have 60+ parishes represented, and almost 250 people. We may add events while Mr. Gray is in town, or later in the year. After your “Listening” Session at your parish, you may want to meet Mr. Gray. Just use the link below to get on the Wait List.More

VIDEO: Introducing All Things New

VIDEO: Ken Battis gives a short introduction to All Things New and how it is tied to the sexual abuse crisis, the abuse of power, and financial crisis in the Church
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St. Louis Catholics speak out about Bishop Richard Stika

When the list of celebrants for the 74th Annual Outdoor Novena to Our Lady of Carmel was announced, many St. Louis Catholics were shocked and surprised to see Bishop Richard Stika listed as the main celebrant for Tuesday, July 13. The St. Louis Church Militant Resistance Chapter took action, starting with a letter written to the Carmelite Order from member Bob Baker who has supported the Carmelites for years. Then leaders of the chapter asked for a meeting with the Mother Superior and explained their concerns. A few days later, Bishop Stika was replaced with another celebrant. Thank goodness! Watch the Report with our local leaders here:

If you are unaware of why any Catholic would be against Bishop Stika, just realize that his own priests have written to the Papal Nuncio to ask for his removal! Yikes! To understand more fully, watch the Church Militant’s Two Part Spotlight Report on Bishop Stika:

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Jamie Allman wants you to know the truth about All Things New

Thanks to Jamie Allman for hosting Ken Battis and James Murphy on his morning show today on 104.9 FM The Patriot Radio! As usual, Jamie pulls no punches. Here’s the link to the show, where the segment featuring Ken Battis and James Murphy starts at the 30 minute mark:

If you have trouble with facebook, you can listen to the show replay here, where Ken Battis and James Murphy are introduced at the 7 minute 30 second mark:

Some of the contact information mentioned on this morning’s show:

Please share these links with your family and friends so they can listen/watch and learn the truth, too!

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Is “All Things New” really new at all? See NY, Pittsburgh, Cinci, Detroit, Seattle & More!

Is “All Things New” really new at all? A very similar group of Bishops and Catholic Leadership Institute (CLI) are implementing plans “just like” ATN. Despite years of implementation across dioceses throughout the United States, no one is willing to publish any data that proves that these “All Things New” type of plans helps The Church’s mission to save souls, or somehow changes the trajectory of decline. IF this game plan works so well, why don’t we have data from the devastated dioceses in the eastern/northeastern USA where they have been using it for years?? This is the Show-Me state: show me the data!

New York: “Making All Things New” initiative, including more than 100 parishes “merged” into families of parishes.

Pittsburgh: “On Mission for The Church Alive!” closed 60% of parishes, same consultants as ArchSTL.

Cincinnati: “Beacons of Light” initiative introduces heretical concept of “Family of Parishes” (reducing 208 parishes down to 57 “families”)

Detroit: “Together in Faith” initiative, closing parishes and establishing “families of parishes” to further reduce the number of true “canonical pastors” with their expanded canonical rights/defenses.

Seattle: Lots of closures, no real data nor evidence that it is in keeping with the mission of the Church to glorify God, and save souls. IF there is no evidence that it “works,” why would Prelates keep pushing it? (CONTROL……….that is why. Greater control of canonical pastors, money, parishes, etc.)

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Why should we trust Catholic Leadership Institute with the future of our churches?

Faithful Catholics across the Archdiocese of St. Louis are wondering why our churches’ futures are in the hands of a group based out of Pennsylvania? Actually, we have a lot of questions for Catholic Leadership Institute. Just like our Archbishop and Vicar, they don’t want to answer any questions either. Here are some we would like them to answer.

Questions for Catholic Leadership Institute:

  1. Catholic Leadership Institute (“CLI” at states it has 25 years of experience, and one of the most comprehensive databases of parish responses, from over 2,100 parishes across the country. They state that they have “measurable data” on successes which increase “Mass attendance” and “collections” for Catholic parishes. IF that is true, why won’t they share that data with us now, in the Archdiocese of St. Louis? Why wouldn’t the AD-STL want to “pilot” such data/plans NOW, before they shutter 100+ parishes?
  2. Does CLI use or advocate for use a “single” or “same set” of metrics by which to measure all parishes in a single Diocese, or is it permissible to judge one parish by one metric, and use a different metric for parish 2, and an entirely different metric to close parish 3?
  3. CLI-DMI survey data has already been published (in part) by the Archdiocese of St. Louis. Will CLI consider publishing the entire data set so that the faithful flock in the AD-STL can view it?
  4. The AD-STL and CLI have referred to “key metrics” like the percentage attendance vs. church building capacity, percentage of attendance recovered post-Covid, and percentage of parish population that believes in the “Real Presence” (body, blood, soul & divinity) in The Eucharist. Will CLI publish the ranking of all 178 parishes in the AD-STL, by such “key metrics”?
  5. When did CLI come up with the concept of a “Planning Area” when comparing parishes within an Archdiocese? Who was responsible for setting the parishes in each “planning area” for the AD-STL initiative? Will CLI publish the precise listing of all parishes by “Planning Area”?
  6. Does CLI believe in, or endorse, the concept of “Families of Parishes,” Yes or No?
  7. IF YES, what is your Church Teaching/Canon Law Support for “Famil(y)(ies) of Parishes?” What is the earliest date-in-time when the concept of “Family of Parishes” was created?
  8. Why does CLI advocate for the public “listening sessions” to come at the end of ATN? Does CLI agree that devoting only approximately 5 weeks to listening, in a 155+ week process, is purportedly “a lot of listening”?
  9. Have key representatives of CLI ever attended a public or “open Q&A” forum in a Diocese where they were working?
  10. Has CLI ever been involved with a Diocesan study or re-structuring plan (like ATN), where the parish-closure rate was under 50% of existing parishes?
  11. Does CLI agree that any Diocesan initiative MUST follow Canon Law (Church Law)?

Please contact us at to ask your own questions, or offer ideas.

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