VIDEO: Introducing All Things New

VIDEO: Ken Battis gives a short introduction to All Things New and how it is tied to the sexual abuse crisis, the abuse of power, and financial crisis in the Church
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Jamie Allman wants you to know the truth about All Things New

Thanks to Jamie Allman for hosting Ken Battis and James Murphy on his morning show today on 104.9 FM The Patriot Radio! As usual, Jamie pulls no punches. Here’s the link to the show, where the segment featuring Ken Battis and James Murphy starts at the 30 minute mark:

If you have trouble with facebook, you can listen to the show replay here, where Ken Battis and James Murphy are introduced at the 7 minute 30 second mark:

Some of the contact information mentioned on this morning’s show:

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Is “All Things New” really new at all? See NY, Pittsburgh, Cinci, Detroit, Seattle & More!

Is “All Things New” really new at all? A very similar group of Bishops and Catholic Leadership Institute (CLI) are implementing plans “just like” ATN. Despite years of implementation across dioceses throughout the United States, no one is willing to publish any data that proves that these “All Things New” type of plans helps The Church’s mission to save souls, or somehow changes the trajectory of decline. IF this game plan works so well, why don’t we have data from the devastated dioceses in the eastern/northeastern USA where they have been using it for years?? This is the Show-Me state: show me the data!

New York: “Making All Things New” initiative, including more than 100 parishes “merged” into families of parishes.

Pittsburgh: “On Mission for The Church Alive!” closed 60% of parishes, same consultants as ArchSTL.

Cincinnati: “Beacons of Light” initiative introduces heretical concept of “Family of Parishes” (reducing 208 parishes down to 57 “families”)

Detroit: “Together in Faith” initiative, closing parishes and establishing “families of parishes” to further reduce the number of true “canonical pastors” with their expanded canonical rights/defenses.

Seattle: Lots of closures, no real data nor evidence that it is in keeping with the mission of the Church to glorify God, and save souls. IF there is no evidence that it “works,” why would Prelates keep pushing it? (CONTROL……….that is why. Greater control of canonical pastors, money, parishes, etc.)

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Looking for real answers about “All Things New”

We called. We emailed. We knocked on the door. But so far, Archbishop Rozanski has not been willing to “dialogue” with us or “accompany” us. We just want to understand why the archdiocese is launching this initiative to make “sweeping changes” without even visiting the parishes and talking to the people.

We also asked Archbishop Rozanski to pray with us. A Rosary? Adoration? Whatever prayer you want! Neither him nor Fr. Chris Martin are willing to even pray with us. Sad, sad, sad times.

So we put together a list of questions we would like to know the answers to and we think you should like to know the answers, too!

Questions for the Archdiocese of St. Louis regarding “All Things New”:

1) Having announced “the most sweeping change in our Archdiocese’s 170+ year history,” where is the document providing ALL of their “reasons” for the urgency of such sweeping change, in the initiative named All Things New (ATN)? Will Archbishop Rozanski and/or Vicar Fr. Chris Martin put their name & signature on a SINGLE document, listing ALL such reasons?

2) They state that “unceasing prayer” is the #1 guiding principle of ATN. Why then haven’t they announced even ONE single, public prayer session, dedicated to ATN? Surely Archbishop Rozanski, Bishop Rivituso and/or Vicar Fr. Chris Martin would like to lead their flock by example, by leading any public Rosary for ATN, let alone a “regular” one?

3) With ATN being a 6+ year process overall (including implementation), and almost 3 years in the initial phase (or 155+ weeks), why are there only approximately 5 weeks dedicated to open or public “listening” sessions? With such a small amount of time devoted to “listening” to the flock (less than 1%), then why would they ALSO put those listening sessions AT THE END?

4) Why did Archbishop Rozanski promise to make the “most sweeping changes in the entire 170+ year history of the Archdiocese,” so early in his tenure here? Before he even got to know his flock? Is that an indication that the “Plan” was already done, and he did not really want our input, did not intend to visit the number of 100+ year old Churches and congregations he intended to wipe out? Will the Archdiocese publish the list of parishes Archbishop Rozanski has personally visited, before it publishes any list of parish closures?

5) Catholics here would like the opportunity to engage directly with those being paid to change our Archdiocese so dramatically. That includes the Catholic Leadership Institute (CLI), given their prominent (and costly?) role here. Can STL Catholics ask them anything publicly, such as:

a) We cannot find a single Diocesan example where Catholic Leadership Institute (CLI) was involved where less than 50% of the parishes were shuttered. Was that the plan all along?

b) CLI states on its website that it has “measurable data” on successes in increasing “Mass attendance” and “Collections.” Why can’t this critical data/information be shared with the faithful of this Archdiocese BEFORE you announce any plan to shut parishes? Why can’t we “pilot” such success strategies for “new generation parishes” now, before such massive closures?

c) Does CLI believe in, or endorse, the “Family of Parishes” concept? IF they believe or endorse it at all, in their conception of “new generation” parishes they tout, can they provide us with the earliest historical example (date) of such a concept, and its Canonical support?

d) Has CLI themselves ever held or attended a public “open Q&A” forum in any Diocese where they have worked on a plan like ATN?

Please contact us at with your own questions or ideas.

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