VIDEO: The Lord detests different weights and measures

What will the criteria be for closing parishes due to “All Things New”? Will the Archdiocese compare the same criteria for each parish across the entire Archdiocese? Why aren’t they being transparent about this? Also, what are these Archdiocesan guidelines such as how full Mass attendance must be (50% or better), and how often a priest can celebrate Mass (once a day only) based upon?

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    George Reisch

    From St Alban Roe to our Knights Of Columbus.

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VIDEO: Happy Feast of St. Nicholas who fought against heresies inside the Church!

Happy Feast Day of St. Nicholas, a bishop who fought against the heresies within the Church. We want to make sure everyone knows about the free event with Canon Lawyer Philip Gray on Saturday, December 1st at 1 pm at Royale Orleans. Come learn your canon law rights as well as get updated on progress made to date with the Procurator Mandate signings happening throughout the Archdiocese. REGISTER HERE>>> PhilipGray.Eventbrite.comMore

VIDEO: Why would you not lead a public rosary at “Mass of Unity” today on First Saturday?

I am praying for Archbishop Rozanski, Bishop Rivituso, and Fr. Chris Martin, as well as for All Things New and that the Holy Spirit will guide it. Only God makes all things new. Not “WE make all things new” as we heard a few times at Mass today. There was a good showing of blue shirts, but why would you not lead us in a Rosary on First Saturday, Archbishop Rozanski and Fr. Chris Martin? Overall, it was a pretty poor showing at the Basilica. We have collected over 1500 signed Procurator Mandates in 3 weeks. Probably 3 times as many as the people who attended the Mass of Unity. More

VIDEO: Following the Holy Spirit or High Dollar Consultants?

Catholic Leadership Institute (CLI) has a track record of working with East Coast dioceses who are in dire financial situations due to the sexual abuse crisis and/or financial scandals. Before you cheerlead for the most sweeping changes in our Archdiocesan history, ask the leadership to show the evidence that St. Louis needs this model. We are not in bankruptcy, we do not have a priest shortage yet, and as far as we know, we don’t have a ton of sexual abuse cases. So simply put: why are we doing this??

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  1. Concerned Brother in Christ Avatar
    Concerned Brother in Christ

    Ok, I’ve been in conversation with someone who does not follow your rhetoric on what’s going on with the ATN program. So I ask you; can you give us some facts that show the Archdiocese is NOT following Canon Law in their doings? It seems I’m smack in the middle of two differing viewpoints here… but I’m listening and trying to discern Gods plan in dealing with all this…
    So anything factual you may offer up would be quite helpful… maybe a point by point bulletin of facts?
    A Concerned Brother in Christ

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Lunch with the Archbishop

Sometimes we like to share information from other Catholics who like us are seeking “accompaniment” and “journeying” with our Archbishop. These are notes from a recent meeting with the Archbishop at his residence.

All Things New Summary – Meeting with Archbishop Rozanski – July 20, 2022
On July 20, 2022, nine men and women from across the Archdiocese of St. Louis – the SOS (Salvation of Souls) Cenacle of Prayer were blessed to meet with our Shepherd, Archbishop Rozanski, for lunch and questions. We spent many hours before the meeting prayerfully and carefully preparing our questions. We spoke with many Priests, Deacons, and laity beforehand. Besides the SOS Cenacle of Prayer who came to lunch, Prayer Warriors covered Archbishop Rozanski and the nine of us in the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ before, during and after the July 20th meeting. We did not have time to review all the questions attached regarding All Things New (ATN), so we left him a written copy and requested that Archbishop Rozanski reply (no response as of July 28, 2022).

  • We expressed concern regarding the lack of clarity, lack of transparency and lack of participation in the most sweeping changes in our almost 200-year history.
  • We asked him to move up the Listening sessions (scheduled for Fall) so we could participate before decision-making, his response was “No.”
  • We asked him to consider a gradual, phased-in approach over several years as was done in Albany, his response was “No.”
  • He would not agree to publish the names of the 5 parishioners at each of our parishes who were chosen to lead the ATN initiative (some Pastors have refused to share their names).

We are hopeful and grateful because Archbishop Rozanski listened and has said: “Be fearless in living out the faith, it’s the greatest example we can give.” We are hopeful because you too may be courageous and stand up for your faith and Save God’s Churches, our Sacred Refuges.
Will you be fearless, join us and step away from the crowd like Veronica?

Action Plan for Prayer and Discernment – Jesus Makes All Things New

  1. Pray and fast and sacrifice for our Beloved Priests to be Priest Adorers;
  2. Pray and fast and sacrifice for our Seminarians and all those discerning vocations;
  3. Ask our Shepherds to speak the truth about ATN;
  4. Ask our Shepherds to identify key performance metrics being used to decide which parishes will be closed based upon their lack of “vibrancy”

    a. Archbishop Rozanski did NOT identify any performance metrics during our
  5. Initiate/participate in Rosary Processions and Eucharistic Processions

    a. Archbishop Rozanski did NOT respond during our meeting when we asked him to lead 3 Eucharistic Processions; and
  6. Participate in the Listening Sessions.

Resources for Additional Information:
All Things New –
STL Catholics – – Ken Battis
Save Rome of the West – – Jason Bolte
Church Militant STL – – Jim Murphy

My Children, I am here in your midst with all the Angels and Saints of Heaven to unite Myself to you in prayer and in penance for the triumph of the Church, for the salvation of souls and for the conversion of sinners” (Madonna of Roses – May 15, 1970)

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VIDEO: Encouraging you to attend Mass of Unity with Archbishop Rozanskiat at Cathedral Basilica 10am on 1st Saturday, Dec. 3

I encourage you to attend the Mass of Unity with Archbishop Rozanski at 10 am on the First Saturday, December 3 at the Cathedral Basilica. Make sure to WEAR BLUE to honor Our Blessed Mother. I have asked many times for our Church leaders to publicly pray a Rosary with us about All Things New. Below is my email requesting this again. Also, I will repeat my “controversial” message: PRAY for the Archbishop, PRAY for All Things New, and PRAY that the Holy Spirit is the guide of All Things New. And no matter what, whether they close 1 parish or 101 parishes, do not abandon ship!More

VIDEO: All Praise and All Thanksgiving Be Every Moment Thine

“If you suffer with Him, you will reign with Him. If you cry with Him, you will have joy with Him. If you die with Him on the Cross of Tribulation, you will possess the eternal dwelling place and the splendor of the saints, and your name, written in the Book of Life, will be glorious among men.” – St. Clare of AssisiMore

VIDEO: We’re NOT Grieving the Past

We are NOT grieving the past or grieving change. We are talking about the present. We want to know what the Holy Spirit is telling you, Archbishop Rozanski, today regarding the closures of our churches and taking canonical rights away from our priests and our parishes. We want to know your “Unifying Vision” and that it comes from the Holy Spirit and it aligns with the Catholic faith. We want to hear it from you! Not from a slick consulting company or your hirelings.

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VIDEO: Happy Thanksgiving to all, and St. Clement, pray for us.

We pray for the Church, and we pray for Archbishop Rozanski, Bishop Rivituso, and Fr. Chris Martin. We submit to the authority of the Church. We want to work with the Archdiocesan leaders to help in the evangelization plan for our parishes. Below is an outline of what I say at the meetings. It is not controversial at all. Fr. Chris Martin said on the radio that there are parishes excited about merging, to which I say “great”! Name those parishes, and let’s do a pilot there first. We will help! We will track each parishioner from each parish that is merged and see the results. However, the Laity are telling us that while their “Listening Sessions” for All Things New have been allowed to be held in the Parish Hall or Church Cafeteria, they are not allowed to have their discussions afterwards in those very same church facilities. Fr. Chris Martin could help with these responses that are divisive by publishing a statement.More

VIDEO: Do our Archdiocesan leaders really want dialogue and discussion about All Things New? Knights of Columbus cancel our informational meeting scheduled for tonight

Fr. Chris Martin, it’s time you put your name on some things and step out of the shadows. Yesterday, you said on the radio that the Archdiocese wants feedback and discussion about All Things New. You’ve emailed me and admitted there is no problem with people learning their canonical rights. Yet the Knights of Columbus just canceled our meeting for this evening because of pressure from the Church leadership. You are doing everything you possibly can to shut down our meetings which are truly informational sessions for the laity to learn their canon law rights. Fr. Chris Martin, did you even attend (1) listening session? Archbishop Rozanski, did you even attend (1) listening session? Catholic Leadership Institute (CLI), did any of you attend even (1) listening session? Correct me if I am wrong, but think NOT. Fr. No one can deny parishioners under Canon 212 from exercising their canon law rights to be heard, to hear questions and answers. Abuse in the Catholic Church has two things in common in every case: 1) Somebody always knew. 2) They covered it up, hid it, and stomped on anyone who spoke up and tried to have a dialogue. More

VIDEO: What are Planning Areas?

Planning Areas seem to be a Catholic version of what gerrymandering is in politics. Your parish is compared to a group of parishes that they selected, not necessarily based on location or proximity. The decision to close or keep parishes is then being based upon certain data points. The problem is that these decisions could be based on different data points for every planning area! This allows them to cherry-pick which parishes to keep or close. It’s time to ask your parish priest and those 3-7 parishioners on the All Things New committee to share ALL the data from your parish, as well as to ask for ALL the data for the ENTIRE archdiocese. What do they have to hide? We are the Catholic faithful.

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VIDEO: You have every right to defend your pastor, your parish and your school

We firmly believe in all the teachings of the Church, the authority of the Church. We are praying in unity for the leaders of the Archdiocese as well as the Holy Spirit to lead All Things New. But mega churches are not the only alternative. You have every right to defend your parish and school. I ask Archbishop Rozanki, Bishop Rivituso, and Fr. Chris Martin to make the commitment that if they close 1 or 100 parishes, they personally go to each parish and tell the parishioners in person that this was the ONLY thing they could do and that they explored ALL OPTIONS to keep their parish open. In our Q&A sessions throughout the archdiocese, I stand behind what I say and put my name behind it. I hope the Archdiocesan leaders would do the same. If the Archdiocesan leaders say the reason they are doing this is because a priest shortage or vocation problem, they need to PUT IT IN WRITING and SIGN THEIR NAME TO IT. Not one leader has put that in writing under their own signature. There is a reason why they won’t and we should keep asking that question. Pray for them but don’t be bullied into thinking that you cannot defend your pastor, your parish, and your school. There’s a Catholic concept called subsidiarity where the parish family is the most important building block of the Catholic Church.More

VIDEO: St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, Patroness of the Archdiocese of St. Louis, Pray for Us!

St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, a French nun who came to America to evangelize, is buried here in St. Charles, Missouri. She is a great example of how we need to be! Below are the details for the public meeting being held December 1st at the Maryland Heights Community Center. Also, we received a letter that a loving pastor wrote to his flock in their bulletin. This is a great example of a priest who is for All Things New, but he knew his congregation was seeking more information about the Procurator Mandate. This parish came together to discuss all options and consider all sides to the story. That is how this process should look. Please pray for the Archdiocesan leadership, and for the people on your parish committee who were involved with the process of All Things New. They did great work, and should feel they too can consider the Procurator Mandate. May God’s will be done.More

VIDEO: St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Patroness of Beggars, pray for us!

We are nothing but beggars for the truth, beggars to be heard! We continue to have an overwhelming response to signing the Procurator Mandate at events all over the Archdiocese. We want to work in union with our Church and its leadership, but we also want to be heard so our spiritual needs are met. We want CLI to either answer questions or come here to St. Louis and meet with us, but stop forcing on us this cookie cutter model from other dioceses with one-size-fits-all mega church plans. And all faithful Catholics, do not let anyone bully, intimidate, or cajole you to stop you from asking questions–it’s your canon law right!More

VIDEO: Catholic Hunger Games

The movie “Hunger Games” pitted groups against one another keeping the majority of the people in poverty and distress while the small group of Elite had elaborate parties while watching the groups fight one another. Are we facing a Catholic version of the same with All Things New?

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VIDEO: Fr. Chris Martin says everyone has the Canon Law right to be heard under Canon 212

Fr. Chris Martin says everyone has the Canon Law right to be heard under Canon 212. Thank you to everyone for their outpouring of support. We have 100’s of signed mandates, and more on the way. You can go to to download, print, sign and return your mandate with two witnesses’ signatures. Then mail it to: Ken Battis, P.O. Box 105, Wentzville, MO 63385.More

VIDEO: Deo Gratias

We have over 100 Procurator Mandates signed in just a few days! As Catholics we should always build consensus, and these groups that I have been meeting with did a great job with asking honest questions. Pray, pray, pray that we will find a way forward that follows Church’s teaching and truly builds a unified Church. I am still waiting to hear from any pastor, deacon, pastoral council member or church leader to say in writing why they would be opposed to letting us have our Canon Law rights to be heard AND put their name and signature to it. More

VIDEO: Volunteer army to help save souls

We are so grateful for the outpouring of support, and most importantly, for all the prayers! So many people are praying for us and all the souls in the Archdiocese. Anyone who opposes us having a canon lawyer to help us be heard, I would like to ask: “Are you praying for us as much as we are praying for you?” The Catholic Leadership Institute is using a model they have rolled out in other dioceses, but they really don’t know the parishes in the St. Louis Archdiocese at all. As you heard Canon Lawyer Philip Gray say that every single parish has their own unique charism and spiritual gifts, and they are perfectly allowed to defend their parishes, schools, and charisms. Also, to be clear, we are a completely VOLUNTEER army. No one is getting paid for anything or getting reimbursed or receiving honorariums. This is just people of good will coming together to help save souls.More

VIDEO: Is 1% a Lot of Listening?

We heard from the Archdiocese that there was going to be a lot of listening sessions with “All Things New”. So far, there have been NONE. And only 5 weeks of listening sessions are scheduled for 178 Parishes, with facilitators overseeing them all. (See document below for more details about the Facilitators.) The Archbishop, Bishop and Vicar of Strategic Planning will only be able to attend very few or none. And the listening sessions are slotted at the END of the planning, so this feedback will most likely not be considered at all.
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VIDEO: What exactly is “Families of Parishes” and why should we care?

The “Families of Parishes” concept which has been introduced in the last 10-15 years in other dioceses across the United States who have needed cash to pay for their sexual abuse crises has no basis in Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, or any Catholic teaching. And guess what? They didn’t even work!
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VIDEO: Get the Facts, Do Your Research

As with anything today, you must do your own research to get the truth. All Things New is no different. You need to read many sources to get to an understanding of what is really going on here.
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VIDEO: 30 Years of Experience Dealing with Bishops Gives Insight into “All Things New”

After dealing with the Catholic Bishops for over 30 years, Ken Battis is in the unique position of having insight into how past abuses of power are playing into the plans for the Archdiocese of St. Louis.

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  1. Laura Avatar

    Thank you Ken

    1. Darlene Malpocker Avatar
      Darlene Malpocker

      Thanks for your leadership Ken! This cradle Catholic is behind you 100%

    2. Stephanie Russo Avatar
      Stephanie Russo

      Thank you, Ken. We’re keeping you in prayer, too. Stand your ground,…
      Fiat! Fiat! Fiat!

  2. Kathy Pavloff Avatar
    Kathy Pavloff

    Prayers for you Ken! Thank you!!

  3. Sandy Ghormley Avatar
    Sandy Ghormley

    Thank you Ken.

  4. […] VIDEO: 30 Years of Experience Dealing with Bishops Gives Insight into “All Things New&#82… […]

  5. Raymond Stephens Avatar
    Raymond Stephens

    Why do we need Consutants? Information about problems in the Church are well known to most of us for a long time.
    Let’s do what needs to be done then we can change the name from “All Things New” to “all Things True”:
    Thanks Ken

    1. above Avatar

      Thank you Ken. I agree wholeheartedly that it is a wrong move to trust outsiders, not necessarily believers,as we did in the treatment of fallen priests. When priests were found out they were sent to psychiatry for healing instead of going to God for the answers.

  6. Deacon Avatar

    Thank you Ken. Well-timed!
    –A Deacon of the Archdiocese

  7. Robert P Dotta Avatar
    Robert P Dotta

    Thank you for trying to shine a light on the “inner workings” of the process. If any organization on this earth should be open and transparent it the should be the church.

    1. gracespark Avatar

      Yes, I couldn’t agree more!

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VIDEO: We want transparency and to be heard

We are praying daily for Archbishop Rozanski, Bishop Rivituso, and Fr. Chris Martin, and for the Holy Spirit to guide All Things New. We are close to launching the website and releasing the Procurator Mandate. Archdiocesan leadership should cheerlead for helping people have a say in these changes to their parishes by helping the laity have a clear understanding of their canon law rights and being heard. I will be on KMOX Radio tomorrow Tuesday November 8 at 11:30 am and I will talk specifically about this very issue: simply want TRANSPARENCY and being able to be HEARD.More

VIDEO: Opt-In to receive emails and share contact info with your fellow parishioners

Pray Rosaries for All Things New on this First Saturday!
New website (launching any day now): -or-
You should have received an email with Opt-in requests including allowing us to share your name and email with those in your parish only. We do not share our data with anyone. It is simply to get information out to folks. We do have a Procurator now for the Archdiocesan-wide Core Group. We will be spreading the message that asking questions to save your parishes, your schools, and your cemeteries is not disloyal and is perfectly appropriate and within Church teaching.
We are obedient sons and daughters of Holy Mother Church, but God first. Also, I am happy to come speak to any group, anywhere to help answer questions.More