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VIDEO: Let’s talk Canon Law

How will we know if the Archdiocese and the Archbishop are following Canon Law during the All Things New process? Let’s look at Sts. Mary and Joseph Church that was put on the real estate market in 2021 for around $1,000,000. Make sure to read the documents below. The Archdiocese didn’t issue a Canonical Decree until after notifications and questions from the laity, (basically after the fact), which was then published in the April 4-10, 2022 issue of St. Louis Review, but saying it takes effect on March 7, 2022! You must issue the Canonical Decree BEFORE you even put it on the market.More

VIDEO: By What Authority?

On this Memorial of St. John Vianney, patron saint of our priests, the question of authority comes to mind. St. Peter is the first one to recognize Jesus as the Christ. This revelation was given to him by God the Father. Yet, St. Peter then started thinking like man, not God, by rebuking Jesus. Will All Things New follow the authority of the Church as stated in Canon Law as well as the Holy Spirit or is it just man’s plan? One of the comments we got from the last video asked for more Canon Law examples. A more thorough video on that is coming out soon.More


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