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Why should we trust Catholic Leadership Institute with the future of our churches?

Faithful Catholics across the Archdiocese of St. Louis are wondering why our churches’ futures are in the hands of a group based out of Pennsylvania? Actually, we have a lot of questions for Catholic Leadership Institute. Just like our Archbishop and Vicar, they don’t want to answer any questions either. Here are some we would like them to answer.

Questions for Catholic Leadership Institute:

  1. Catholic Leadership Institute (“CLI” at states it has 25 years of experience, and one of the most comprehensive databases of parish responses, from over 2,100 parishes across the country. They state that they have “measurable data” on successes which increase “Mass attendance” and “collections” for Catholic parishes. IF that is true, why won’t they share that data with us now, in the Archdiocese of St. Louis? Why wouldn’t the AD-STL want to “pilot” such data/plans NOW, before they shutter 100+ parishes?
  2. Does CLI use or advocate for use a “single” or “same set” of metrics by which to measure all parishes in a single Diocese, or is it permissible to judge one parish by one metric, and use a different metric for parish 2, and an entirely different metric to close parish 3?
  3. CLI-DMI survey data has already been published (in part) by the Archdiocese of St. Louis. Will CLI consider publishing the entire data set so that the faithful flock in the AD-STL can view it?
  4. The AD-STL and CLI have referred to “key metrics” like the percentage attendance vs. church building capacity, percentage of attendance recovered post-Covid, and percentage of parish population that believes in the “Real Presence” (body, blood, soul & divinity) in The Eucharist. Will CLI publish the ranking of all 178 parishes in the AD-STL, by such “key metrics”?
  5. When did CLI come up with the concept of a “Planning Area” when comparing parishes within an Archdiocese? Who was responsible for setting the parishes in each “planning area” for the AD-STL initiative? Will CLI publish the precise listing of all parishes by “Planning Area”?
  6. Does CLI believe in, or endorse, the concept of “Families of Parishes,” Yes or No?
  7. IF YES, what is your Church Teaching/Canon Law Support for “Famil(y)(ies) of Parishes?” What is the earliest date-in-time when the concept of “Family of Parishes” was created?
  8. Why does CLI advocate for the public “listening sessions” to come at the end of ATN? Does CLI agree that devoting only approximately 5 weeks to listening, in a 155+ week process, is purportedly “a lot of listening”?
  9. Have key representatives of CLI ever attended a public or “open Q&A” forum in a Diocese where they were working?
  10. Has CLI ever been involved with a Diocesan study or re-structuring plan (like ATN), where the parish-closure rate was under 50% of existing parishes?
  11. Does CLI agree that any Diocesan initiative MUST follow Canon Law (Church Law)?

Please contact us at to ask your own questions, or offer ideas.

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