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Is “All Things New” really new at all? See NY, Pittsburgh, Cinci, Detroit, Seattle & More!

Is “All Things New” really new at all? A very similar group of Bishops and Catholic Leadership Institute (CLI) are implementing plans “just like” ATN. Despite years of implementation across dioceses throughout the United States, no one is willing to publish any data that proves that these “All Things New” type of plans helps The Church’s mission to save souls, or somehow changes the trajectory of decline. IF this game plan works so well, why don’t we have data from the devastated dioceses in the eastern/northeastern USA where they have been using it for years?? This is the Show-Me state: show me the data!

New York: “Making All Things New” initiative, including more than 100 parishes “merged” into families of parishes.

Pittsburgh: “On Mission for The Church Alive!” closed 60% of parishes, same consultants as ArchSTL.

Cincinnati: “Beacons of Light” initiative introduces heretical concept of “Family of Parishes” (reducing 208 parishes down to 57 “families”)

Detroit: “Together in Faith” initiative, closing parishes and establishing “families of parishes” to further reduce the number of true “canonical pastors” with their expanded canonical rights/defenses.

Seattle: Lots of closures, no real data nor evidence that it is in keeping with the mission of the Church to glorify God, and save souls. IF there is no evidence that it “works,” why would Prelates keep pushing it? (CONTROL……….that is why. Greater control of canonical pastors, money, parishes, etc.)

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