St. Louis Catholics speak out about Bishop Richard Stika

When the list of celebrants for the 74th Annual Outdoor Novena to Our Lady of Carmel was announced, many St. Louis Catholics were shocked and surprised to see Bishop Richard Stika listed as the main celebrant for Tuesday, July 13. The St. Louis Church Militant Resistance Chapter took action, starting with a letter written to the Carmelite Order from member Bob Baker who has supported the Carmelites for years. Then leaders of the chapter asked for a meeting with the Mother Superior and explained their concerns. A few days later, Bishop Stika was replaced with another celebrant. Thank goodness! Watch the Report with our local leaders here:

If you are unaware of why any Catholic would be against Bishop Stika, just realize that his own priests have written to the Papal Nuncio to ask for his removal! Yikes! To understand more fully, watch the Church Militant’s Two Part Spotlight Report on Bishop Stika:

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