Lunch with the Archbishop

Sometimes we like to share information from other Catholics who like us are seeking “accompaniment” and “journeying” with our Archbishop. These are notes from a recent meeting with the Archbishop at his residence.

All Things New Summary – Meeting with Archbishop Rozanski – July 20, 2022
On July 20, 2022, nine men and women from across the Archdiocese of St. Louis – the SOS (Salvation of Souls) Cenacle of Prayer were blessed to meet with our Shepherd, Archbishop Rozanski, for lunch and questions. We spent many hours before the meeting prayerfully and carefully preparing our questions. We spoke with many Priests, Deacons, and laity beforehand. Besides the SOS Cenacle of Prayer who came to lunch, Prayer Warriors covered Archbishop Rozanski and the nine of us in the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ before, during and after the July 20th meeting. We did not have time to review all the questions attached regarding All Things New (ATN), so we left him a written copy and requested that Archbishop Rozanski reply (no response as of July 28, 2022).

  • We expressed concern regarding the lack of clarity, lack of transparency and lack of participation in the most sweeping changes in our almost 200-year history.
  • We asked him to move up the Listening sessions (scheduled for Fall) so we could participate before decision-making, his response was “No.”
  • We asked him to consider a gradual, phased-in approach over several years as was done in Albany, his response was “No.”
  • He would not agree to publish the names of the 5 parishioners at each of our parishes who were chosen to lead the ATN initiative (some Pastors have refused to share their names).

We are hopeful and grateful because Archbishop Rozanski listened and has said: “Be fearless in living out the faith, it’s the greatest example we can give.” We are hopeful because you too may be courageous and stand up for your faith and Save God’s Churches, our Sacred Refuges.
Will you be fearless, join us and step away from the crowd like Veronica?

Action Plan for Prayer and Discernment – Jesus Makes All Things New

  1. Pray and fast and sacrifice for our Beloved Priests to be Priest Adorers;
  2. Pray and fast and sacrifice for our Seminarians and all those discerning vocations;
  3. Ask our Shepherds to speak the truth about ATN;
  4. Ask our Shepherds to identify key performance metrics being used to decide which parishes will be closed based upon their lack of “vibrancy”

    a. Archbishop Rozanski did NOT identify any performance metrics during our
  5. Initiate/participate in Rosary Processions and Eucharistic Processions

    a. Archbishop Rozanski did NOT respond during our meeting when we asked him to lead 3 Eucharistic Processions; and
  6. Participate in the Listening Sessions.

Resources for Additional Information:
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My Children, I am here in your midst with all the Angels and Saints of Heaven to unite Myself to you in prayer and in penance for the triumph of the Church, for the salvation of souls and for the conversion of sinners” (Madonna of Roses – May 15, 1970)

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