VIDEO: Wake Up STL Catholics!

Archbishop Rozanski held a “clandestine” meeting with all the parish priests on Friday, August 19 at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. How scandalous and wrong to discuss the future of our Archdiocese away from the Eucharist and our Church!! And then the Archbishop places a “gag order” on our priests to not talk about what was presented. Yet Fr. Chris Martin meets with the St. Louis Post Dispatch explaining to the public what was going on during the meeting. We all need to wake up and see how we are marching forward towards a Synod on Synodality with an open Eucharistic table and a host of “new” initiatives that go against our Catholic faith. Do the research and see for yourselves!

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  1. Some of what you say is inaccurate regarding Bps. Samples and Strickland. That aside, you’re doing the right thing. I’d like to have you on The Cantankerous Catholic as a guest.

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