VIDEO: Abp Rozanski and those “good Catholics” who remain silent: Where would you like to banish the Guardian Angels of Our Churches that you plan to close to?

The Church is a monarchy with a head — the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Obedience is to faith and morals. If you are going to be “obedient,” you should research what exactly is “family of parishes” which is part of the “All Things New” plan. Which diocese is the example or model for “family of parishes” or for any of the 42 iterations offered in “All Things New”? Catholic Leadership Institute (CLI) claims to have data showing that their plans work in other dioceses. Well, show us the data! Let’s be intellectually honest about it. If we refuse to honor God and save souls, we are going to Hell. Read Paragraph 630 of St. Faustina’s Diary where she sees Guardian Angels on every steeple of every church! Where would you like to banish those Guardian Angels to? Are you willing to cheerlead for that plan? The only solution is God’s solution. If 20-30% of souls leave the Church when you close a parish, then all the facilitators, the Archdiocesan leadership, “good Catholics” who stay silent, and any pastor who goes along with this plan will have to stand before the Throne of Heaven in that Perfect Justice and explain why!

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