VIDEO: Who is attacking whom?

As the Listening Sessions are being held, there are people who think that anyone who thinks differently than them is attacking All Things New. Even if you raise honest Show Me State Catholic questions or tell the truth about corruption in the Church, they think you are attacking them, deacons, priests, and bishops, when actually you are defending good and holy priests and defending the faithful. Can TRUTH attack? I think it only defends. In the law, there is a concept called “Truth is an absolute defense,” where if I am speaking truth about what happened, it doesn’t matter if it paints you in a bad light. And if it paints you in a bad light, shame on you. I have seen for 30 years how our Church leadership attacks anyone who speaks up – abuse victims, whistleblowers, mandatory reports or anyone who asks an honest Show Me State Catholic question. But that just means we need to speak up and be heard! Souls are on the line!!

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