VIDEO: Philip Gray is comin’ back to town!!

Save the Date: Canon Lawyer Philip Gray will be here on Saturday, December 10 at 1 pm….details about location and more to come! Watch for the email as it is a REGISTRATION REQUIRED event.

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VIDEO: Canon Law is your friend

Both Bishop Paprocki and Bishop Barron preserve the Latin Mass in their dioceses. They found ways to do it even under Traditionis Custodes and the Rescript. Canon Law requires that the Traditional Latin Mass not be held in the “parish church”. In St. Charles County, there are many ways to serve the growing flock of…

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  1. jbq2 says:

    Just how is “All Things New” anything more than a well managed con game for the New World Order and the acceptance of the homosexual agenda. The warning is clear from Sister Lucia in 1929 and her comment that the “final battle” would be over the family. Rozanski is little more than an ambitious proponent of the radical Argentinian shell game.

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