VIDEO: Last Chance to Sign Up for Philip Gray Meeting

Our Lady of Guadalupe with St. Juan Diego converted an entire culture of death! They had been sacrificing humans to their pagan Gods. Our Lady intervened and converted millions at once. You can still register for the 1 pm December 10th meeting with Philip Gray here: In just one month, we have collected close to 2,000 Procurator Mandates. At this meeting, we have 30-40 more parishes coming that have not heard Philip Gray before. That means over 120 parishes have had someone attend and learn their Canon Law rights.

Register here for 1 pm Dec 10th Meeting with Philip Gray >>

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VIDEO: Canon Law is your friend

Both Bishop Paprocki and Bishop Barron preserve the Latin Mass in their dioceses. They found ways to do it even under Traditionis Custodes and the Rescript. Canon Law requires that the Traditional Latin Mass not be held in the “parish church”. In St. Charles County, there are many ways to serve the growing flock of…

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