VIDEO: Is this possibly the LAST CHRISTMAS to be celebrated in 100 of our 178 parishes??

Praying on Christmas Eve for God’s Holy Will to be done with All Things New. We were very busy in Advent because so many people reach out to us wanting to learn their canon law rights. More than 2,000 have signed the Procurator Mandate because they just want a voice in the process. They want to dialogue face-to-face as much as possible with actual Archdiocesan leaders. I wanted to make this video because this is possibly the LAST CHRISTMAS for 100 of our 178 parishes in our Archdiocese. Many parishes that have more than 150 years of history with generations of families building that community. We hope closing 100 parishes would be the LAST POSSIBLE THING our church leaders would do. We ask our church leaders to come to those parishes and talk to the people and explain how they did everything in their power to NOT close their parish.

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