VIDEO: Question #7 of Top 10 Questions for the Archdiocesan Leaders

Question #7 for the St. Louis Archdiocesan Leaders:
CLI and other dioceses have already run virtually this same “remodeling” plan. Please tell us which
dioceses (by name) are a “good” or shining example of ATN “working”? IF it works to evangelize,
grow Mass attendance, and save souls, surely you have many dioceses that you would “tout” as
shining examples of what you hope the Archdiocese of St. Louis will become?

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VIDEO: Canon Law is your friend

Both Bishop Paprocki and Bishop Barron preserve the Latin Mass in their dioceses. They found ways to do it even under Traditionis Custodes and the Rescript. Canon Law requires that the Traditional Latin Mass not be held in the “parish church”. In St. Charles County, there are many ways to serve the growing flock of…

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  1. jbq2 says:

    Malachi Martin has the blueprint. There are no more priests. This is the New World Order mandating diversity and inclusion. “smoke and mirrors”.

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