VIDEO: Question #9 of Top 10 Questions for the Archdiocesan Leaders

Question #9 for the St. Louis Archdiocesan Leaders:
The Archdiocese clearly has the ability to track registered parishioners, so commit now, in writing and
under Archbishop Rozanski’s signature (and/or Fr. Chris Martin’s signature), to track EACH AND
EVERY lost parishioner from the mergers/closures. For example, if 3 parishes merge with 200
parishioners, 300 parishioners, and 500 parishioners, commit to tracking all 1,000 parishioners in total,
until they register at a new parish (and publish the number of “lost” parishioners who do not register
at any new parish).

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  1. jbq2 says:

    Malachi Martin who died in 1999 and who read the Third Secret in the original Portuguese stated that the Secret could only be understood within the context of the destruction of the geographical system of dioceses and parishes.

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