VIDEO: Let’s really look at the Demographics

Archdiocese of St. Louis used to give 3 reasons why they must close/merge 100+ parishes immediately: 1) money, 2) demographics, and 3) lack of priestly resources. Money is no longer discussed much by the leadership of the Archdiocese because the financials are publicly available, as well as the tremendous donations from faithful Catholics for all the appeals from the Archdiocese. Lately, the Archdiocesan leaders have talked about demographics as a reason for why they must close/merge so many parishes. But these links show that the state of Missouri is one of the two states with the highest growth in Catholics! Also, Missouri is having a population growth overall. That doesn’t sound like a logical reason for less parishes. In fact, we may need more parishes soon!

VIDEO: Canon Law is your friend

Both Bishop Paprocki and Bishop Barron preserve the Latin Mass in their dioceses. They found ways to do it even under Traditionis Custodes and the Rescript. Canon Law requires that the Traditional Latin Mass not be held in the “parish church”. In St. Charles County, there are many ways to serve the growing flock of…

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